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Peacfully Grazing

It smells like hay

In the month of may

When I’m in the stable

They graze by the maple

I watch them day after day.

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Inner Beauty

A peaceful swan on a lake

Just might make

A little egg on the shore

For everyone to adore

For when he is older you shall see

What a beautiful bird he can be!

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Andrew is my cousin,he is so cute. I get to babysit him sometimes and it’s fun. I taught him how to buzz his lips and I’m working on crawing with him. Some babies are fussy and you get mad at them but Andrew is so funny and cute you can’t get mad at him.I love Andrew!

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Rocco and Saphire are my dogs. I love them very much. They love to snuggle and rumble and tumble I thinks it’s very cute.They are both 2 years old and are Min. Dobermans.Rocco is black and rust and saphie is blue (gray).

Rocco & Saph

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On Wednesday, May 16, 2007, the entire fifth grade had their D.A.R.E. graduation where I also won an award for my essay.
Ivy’s D.A.R.E. essay award and diploma