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Filed Under (Poems) by ivy on June-4-2007

sealion.jpgDolpins jumping in tdolphins.jpghe sea, that’s what I see.

Elephants stomping on the gound, to see that i’m bound.

To see more go to the zoo, you’ll find…

Giraffes, Sea lions, don’t forget Baboons,

There’s many more to see just take a look around!

In the backyard, on the farm

In the forest, in the woods

Animals all around take a look!

Filed Under (Poems) by ivy on June-2-2007

100_0263.jpgYellow, purple, blue flowers,

Flowers, flowers everywhere

In my garden, in my hair

Take a look around, they’re everywhere!

Filed Under (stories) by ivy on June-1-2007

Why        Trees get taller never get smaller,

       I always wonder why

I wonder why people cry and are not cheerie

I wonder why cherries are bright red,

I wonder why we have a bed to sleep in every night,

I wonder why some places are packed so tight

I wonder when my wonders will stop,but they might not,

Do you still wonder?