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Gihala, People of the 23rd century! This is Ignito Ivy, reporting for Rock Roots, your favorite data bank. I am now experiencing one of the so-called, world famous Beatles concert. You won’t believe how different their clothes, hair, instruments, and music are from ours of the 23rd century.

I shall start with their clothes, black and gray peg-leg jeans and collarless jackets. As all you viewers know, it is illegal to wear black or gray, only pastels are allowed. But there is some good news too for the Beatles; collarless jackets are still in style. But then again, peg-leg jeans are way out.

Okay, now for their hair. Oh! Their hair! Many of the people here keep saying they love the Beatle’s “long” hair. Well, it really isn’t long. It doesn’t even touch their shoulders. Everyone back home, as you know, your hair must touch your heels. Plus, their hair is black! But I guess that’s what’s was in style in the 20th century.

Now here’s a real shocker, their instruments. The Beatles are seen playing solid drums and guitars! Nothing like our Mind-o-Instruments, back home. They are holographs. You can actually see each finger or hand move on every beat. I really can’t decide which century’s instruments I enjoy best, but I am leaning toward the ones of the 20th century. I am quite enjoying actually being able to “see” each note. Now lets move on.

Last, and certainly most important, their music! As I listen to their music, I am amazed at how clear and smooth it is! So unlike our music back home that sounds all cracky. It sounds almost like our radiophones keep skipping. Also, as I’m listening I have come to figure out these songs have meanings. Way different from every song at home being about nothing, just a bunch random sound.

This has been Ignito Ivy reporting for your favorite databank, Rock Roots! I hope you enjoyed the 1960’s, because next week we’re going back to the 21st century. Who knows what it’s like there! Booha everyone!

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September 11, 2001

A Day We Will Never Forget

September 11, 2001 started as any normal day;

people driving around, shopping, working, and

learning. No one thought that day would be any

different from any other day. Now 7 years later the

simple thought of 9/11 still brings tears to people’s

eyes. Although many people survived, over 3,000

men and women lost their lives that tragic day. If

you were above or in the crash area of the Twin

Towers, you only had 2 choices about your end.

Jump at least 50 stories, or burn to death. It was a

devastating choice to make.

Today, many of the survivors share their stories

about the day the Twin Towers fell. WHY? This is

what many people ask. I believe they tell their

stories to help themselves get through their

difficulties and to let others know the truth about

9/11 and what they went through.

When the Twin Towers were attacked I was

in kindergarten. I don’t remember much about

that day, but after 7 anniversaries of 9/11, I now

understand more about September 11, 2001.

When I hear stories from that horrible day, it

almost brings tears to my eyes. I just recently

realized the actual horror of that day. The people

who gave their lives on September 11, were not

superheros or nobodies. They had families and

friends, children and grandchildren, husbands

and wives. Many hearts were broken, many tears

shed, and many ordinary lives lost.