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Filed Under (Poems) by ivy on October-28-2009

A harvest moon cradling a silhouetted  witch

The time has come

To awaken the ghoulish tricksters

And delight frightful treaters!


Known for the candy and glorious treats

And for the spooks at every creak!


The crickets are chirping in the fall wind

Calling the zombies

Better grab a friend!


Ghosts haunt the house while playing tricks

Will you be his first pick?


Vampires get ready to suck some blood

By watching little treaters

From the trees above!


Werewolves bark and growl in the pitch

And the treaters jump at every slightest twitch!


And above all this bustle 

The most frightful of all

The autumn wind and its sickly call!

Filed Under (Poems) by ivy on January-7-2009

The cool wind brushes water from the salty sea up against my sun burned face
I look at you and smile, you smile back and take my hand
We walked for what seemed like hours as the sun sank into the sparkling turquoise ocean
We wonder what our lives would be like without each other
I point out constellations in the midnight sky, and we laugh when you make up new ones
You lie down in the pure white sand and gesture for me to join. I lie down beside you and lose myself in your eyes
Suddenly our lips meet for the first time, the stars grow brighter, the sea glistens even more in the moonlight…
And our love shall forever grow
By: Ivy Martin

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A ticking time bomb

Untill then it is a silent giant

Filled with lava and ash

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Playful bundles of fur

Entergetic, cute, smart

Cuddling closer

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Like a big teddy bear

Spots of onyx and lily

Beautiful miracle

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A weightless body

Sapphire, ebony, and pearl

Endlessley streaming