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A butterfly nears

Gracefully fluttering close

Silence overtakes

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A wobbly duckling

Playing follow the leader

Learning how to swim

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I come in many different shapes

I have many different scents

Colors everywhere

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What is a haiku, and how do you write one?

A haiku is an unrhyming poem

Haiku’s originated from Japan, and were used as love notes from men, later the women would write poem back, called a tanka.

A haiku consists of 17 syllables; first line 5 syllables, second line 7, third line 5. A tanka however consists of 31 syllables; first, second, and third line are the same, but a tanka also has two additional lines, fourth line 7 syllables, and fifth line 7 syllables.

Haiku’s do not have an actual title, you always title a haiku, Haiku.

A haiku is ALWAYS based on nature, never anything else.

You may be wondering why I have posted this, I have posted this because in language class we were told to write a few haiku’s which I will post later.

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I skip stones on a lifeless lake

No sound does it make

The stones are hopping

To and fro

Still, no sound does it make

I try bigger stones

It didn’t help

The only sound I ever heard while skipping stones on the lifeless lake

Was the occasional Whisper of the wind

Like it was trying to be my friend

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What am I…

I can be white as snow, or hot as the sun.

When you pick me up I slip through your fingers, and tickle your little toes.

I can be as big as a castle or small as a speck of dust.

I am sand.