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Filed Under (Poems) by ivy on October-21-2007

What is Nice? Water and Ice.

What is cool? A dip in the pool.

What is fun? Relaxing in the sun.

What is hot? A boiling  pot.

What makes bubbles? Traping your troubles.

What is befuddled? Colors that are muddled.

What is Purple? Dr. Suess’s pet a zurple!

Now if you will coment if you know something related to the words in the last sentence that rhyms. Thanks!

Filed Under (Poems, school) by ivy on August-29-2007

100_0408.jpgSummer has come to an end,

School has nearly started

experiments and indents keep coming and coming,

the need to get from class to class keeps the kids coming,

when the tardy bell rings the halls are clear

My pencil eraser keeps wanting to smear


I hope I get through the year!

Filed Under (Poems) by ivy on June-4-2007

sealion.jpgDolpins jumping in tdolphins.jpghe sea, that’s what I see.

Elephants stomping on the gound, to see that i’m bound.

To see more go to the zoo, you’ll find…

Giraffes, Sea lions, don’t forget Baboons,

There’s many more to see just take a look around!

In the backyard, on the farm

In the forest, in the woods

Animals all around take a look!

Filed Under (Poems) by ivy on June-2-2007

100_0263.jpgYellow, purple, blue flowers,

Flowers, flowers everywhere

In my garden, in my hair

Take a look around, they’re everywhere!

Filed Under (Poems) by ivy on May-31-2007

Peacfully Grazing

It smells like hay

In the month of may

When I’m in the stable

They graze by the maple

I watch them day after day.

Filed Under (Poems) by ivy on May-31-2007

Inner Beauty

A peaceful swan on a lake

Just might make

A little egg on the shore

For everyone to adore

For when he is older you shall see

What a beautiful bird he can be!