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Homecoming Week was awesome we got to dress up all week.

Monday: Decade Day

I did late 80’s early 90’s.

Tuesday: Tacky Day

I was super tacky!

Wednesday: Celebrity Day

I was first Hilary Duff but at school people thought looked more like Ally my friend switched to AJ.

Thursday: Spirit Day

I wasn’t the spiritiest but still tried, and I went to the Homecoming game!

That’s all that happened on Homecoming Week!

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Thud! Horph reared back as she was released into the pasture for the first time. It was early springtime and everything was new. The birds were chirping and the wind was whistling. Horph was a beautiful black quarter-horse with white socks. She was very curious, and she checked out everything from the little dandelion to the big oak tree. Up on the hill by the big oak tree there was a bush with pink berries on it. It was called a pink morphie bush, and since she was curious she decided to feast on one. After she tried it she was shocked! She rapidly galloped to the water trough. After she drank about ten gallons of water she exclaimed to herself, “That morphie berry was disgusting!” Once she mentioned morphie berry, she was one! She looked at the water that was left and screamed.

She thought about what she said and then she realized MORPH! She looked at the ant beside her and there she was. Standing there an ant! She crawled off the trough and under the gate. “I’m free!” she shouted. As she frolicked through city she found a neighborhood called Frosted Oak neighborhood. The grass was so green it looked like emeralds!

As Horph strolled around she found a house with a girl sitting outside on the grass. Horph looked at the girl. The girl had brown hair and blue eyes with a pink shirt on. The girl looked at Horph in a funny way. Then she asked, “Why are you out here?” Horph just stared at her. The girl explained that her name was Lidia.” Lidia called over her dog Flip. Flip was a small white furry dog. Horph thought about Flip and then she was Flip. When Lidia glanced back over at horph she was amazed! She could not believe her eyes. Horph quickly transformed back. Lidia asked, “Were you just Flip?” Horph nodded yes. Lidia sprinted inside and snatched a book called “Animals”. She sat down and said, “Read this book seven times; can you morph into this animal?” As she pointed to a Gorilla and then to a giraffe, pig, tiger and so on. All she could see out of the corner of her eye was a blur and animal parts everywhere. Lidia wondered if something as wrong. All Horph could do was whinny in fear. She told Horph to come to the backyard if she could. Horph slowly made her way to the backyard.

When she arrived to the backyard where Lidia had a bowl of blue goo. Lidia explained that her aunt makes blue morphie berry stew when her horses feel bad. Horph took a sip and galloped to a puddle near the hose. When she stared at the water there was no blur and no animal parts. She thought of Flip,  but she was still the same. She thought of the ant and nothing happened. Horph felt a little depressed but she knew it was better for her. After Horph drank some water, Lidia took Horph back to the nearest farm and sure enough that was Horph’s home. Horph never ate a pink Morphie berry again.

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100_0408.jpgSummer has come to an end,

School has nearly started

experiments and indents keep coming and coming,

the need to get from class to class keeps the kids coming,

when the tardy bell rings the halls are clear

My pencil eraser keeps wanting to smear


I hope I get through the year!