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The reason I believe Monster 196 or as I will call him,Sli is so happy, goes like this.
See Sli works at a supermarket as a cashier. The supermarket had been SUPER busy that day, a Friday. As Sli walked home from work he said to himself,When I get home I’m going straight to bed. When he walked through the door his wife came up and asked,”What’s wrong?” Sli replied,”I’m just a little tired.”Sli walked upstairs and lie in bed, but it wasn’t long before he smelt something,he knew what it was, he ran down stairs and screamed,”YES! PIE!”

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The reason Monster 189 was so chipper, or Chip as I will call him starts like this…
It was Saturday morning and Chip had just finished his daily cup of coffee. He went to do his weight lifting, when his friend Theodore came up. Chip said”hey, how’d you get such big muscels? I work out every day!” Theodore replied”All I did was drink a muscle-up…”Chip ran out to buy one but didn’t here the last part which was,”MAKE SURE TO READ THE DIRECTIONS!!!!” That part was VERY important. But again Chip did not hear it. So when he got the muscel-up he drank the whole bottle at once. Chip started to feel drowsey so he took a nap. When he woke he noticed his feet were on the floor but he was still in bed. Suddenly he heard the doorbell ring. When he answered the door it was Theodore. Theodore screamed”I told you to read the directions!” Now you’ll have lodes of energy and one you’ve already figured… pernament long legs.

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I shall call Monster 187 Midnight.
Midnight is as big as a hill, he sleeps all through the day just so he looks like shadow covered hill. One day MIdnight had a rough night so he was drooling. Some tourist came by and thought Midnight’s open mouth was a cave and his drool was a tiny river. The tourist went inside the “cave” to find it was much more like a cavern, the floor was wet, it was dark, and there was one BIG stalagtite. The stalagtite was soo big the tourist couldn’t get through, so they started beating it, and I don’t want to say what happens next. Lets put it this way, the tourist went home to wash themselves off,and MIdnight moved into a so called “deserted forest”, which turned out to be the way to Monster City. So at least one of them lived happily ever after.

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One day monster 186 was walking down the pavement, his stomach growling. All because all the restaurants threw him out because he didn’t look like a monster. He kept walking he saw signs that said “Monsters only, no regulars allowed”, that only made him feel worse and more hungry. All the sudden Monster 186 sees a perfectly round nut,”something’s better than nothing, so I guess I’ll try it” Monster 186 said. Monster 186 bit into the nut and screamed”Who cares about restaurants! I’ve got a nut!!!!”

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On Christmas day around lunch time we set of to the Smokies. Of course it was a long ride(four and a half hours for a fact). The first two hours flew because we were watching the Nanny Diaries(It’s such a good movie!). But the second two dragged on FOREVER!

When we arrived we unpacked and took a look around our four bedroom condo. After we checked the place out we talked and ate some supper. After supper of course Macy was bugging everybody about ” When are we going to open presents!” We cleaned up and the we started opening presents. All the girls(Bonnie, Grandma, Iveta, Kristi, Me, and Macy.) got cute red socks with grips on the bottom. I got lots of presents like: Sweat pants and shirts, regular pants and shirts, an iPod nano(with butterflies on it),Art paper and Drawing kit and two REALLY cute purses!

I got delayed for a while, because I moved, and I don’t want to mess something up so here are the rest of the highlights.

On Wednesday we went to see a play at the black bear jamboree and while we watched we got dinner! Later that night(about 7:00) at the activity center it was karaoke night, so we went and had a blast. On Friday we went to the “Nascar Speedway”(a go-kart place) We had soooooooo much fun!! I was a little scared at first but on the second track I got the hang of it!:) That’s about it, but overall the point is: I had a GREAT Christmas!!!!

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Thud! Horph reared back as she was released into the pasture for the first time. It was early springtime and everything was new. The birds were chirping and the wind was whistling. Horph was a beautiful black quarter-horse with white socks. She was very curious, and she checked out everything from the little dandelion to the big oak tree. Up on the hill by the big oak tree there was a bush with pink berries on it. It was called a pink morphie bush, and since she was curious she decided to feast on one. After she tried it she was shocked! She rapidly galloped to the water trough. After she drank about ten gallons of water she exclaimed to herself, “That morphie berry was disgusting!” Once she mentioned morphie berry, she was one! She looked at the water that was left and screamed.

She thought about what she said and then she realized MORPH! She looked at the ant beside her and there she was. Standing there an ant! She crawled off the trough and under the gate. “I’m free!” she shouted. As she frolicked through city she found a neighborhood called Frosted Oak neighborhood. The grass was so green it looked like emeralds!

As Horph strolled around she found a house with a girl sitting outside on the grass. Horph looked at the girl. The girl had brown hair and blue eyes with a pink shirt on. The girl looked at Horph in a funny way. Then she asked, “Why are you out here?” Horph just stared at her. The girl explained that her name was Lidia.” Lidia called over her dog Flip. Flip was a small white furry dog. Horph thought about Flip and then she was Flip. When Lidia glanced back over at horph she was amazed! She could not believe her eyes. Horph quickly transformed back. Lidia asked, “Were you just Flip?” Horph nodded yes. Lidia sprinted inside and snatched a book called “Animals”. She sat down and said, “Read this book seven times; can you morph into this animal?” As she pointed to a Gorilla and then to a giraffe, pig, tiger and so on. All she could see out of the corner of her eye was a blur and animal parts everywhere. Lidia wondered if something as wrong. All Horph could do was whinny in fear. She told Horph to come to the backyard if she could. Horph slowly made her way to the backyard.

When she arrived to the backyard where Lidia had a bowl of blue goo. Lidia explained that her aunt makes blue morphie berry stew when her horses feel bad. Horph took a sip and galloped to a puddle near the hose. When she stared at the water there was no blur and no animal parts. She thought of Flip,  but she was still the same. She thought of the ant and nothing happened. Horph felt a little depressed but she knew it was better for her. After Horph drank some water, Lidia took Horph back to the nearest farm and sure enough that was Horph’s home. Horph never ate a pink Morphie berry again.