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July 2-3 On our way to Pennsylvania It was very smooth except for a few problems 1. A hose blew of grampa’s truck which made us two hours late 2. Macy had to use the restrooms every 30 min. 3. I read three books in one day!

July 4 When we got to Joanna’s house we took everything upstairs, When we came back down everyone was being shy because it’s usually just Joanna, Daniel, Ben, Darlene, and me. But this year Macy and Kelly were up there too.(Kelly is Joanna’s fresh-air girl from N.Y) Soon after grandma and grampa left we started to get over our shyness. We played for a hour and then went to great grandma’s house for the fourth of July. On our way back home we saw beautiful fireworks!

July 5 The next day we had Baked Oatmeal and Rassberries. After breakfast we went out in the backyard and Daniel won’t stop splashing us so we decided to get in the pool to splash him. Later we brushed the dogs and braided Thunder’s hair. Then we played hide and go seek.(Just Kelly, Daniel, and me) While daniel was looking for Kelly and me he stepped on a bee. After he recovered we decided to play again. This time I hid with Kelly Behind the stable door so when he looked though the bars he couldn’t see us, but then I thought about what if he looks through the big stable door so we moved to a corner but then we heard him so we went to the dog pen and crawled outside so he did not know where we hid. After hide and go seek we beat Crash 2.(a PlayStation game) Then we ate dinner read the bible, said a prayer then went to bed.

July 6 We woke up ate breakfast then we went outside and got in the pool, When we got bored of the pool we cleaned the playhouse we moped, sweeped, cleaned windows, door, porch, and washed the fake dishes and rug in the pool. When we were done cleaning we played house Joanna was mom, Daniel was dad, Kelly was 15, Macy was 1, and I was 12. I fixed surprise stew and the surprise was I put our wash rag in the stew and gave it to Daniel! After fake dinner I told Daniel “Dad we need a new horse and cat” Then I said ” we need a new house we’ve only got a kitchen and no were to sleep” Daniel said”DEAL WITH IT” Then Kelly said”Yeah! we need a new house.” So Kelly and I went to the swing-set to live in but Macy said” Dis is mi sing-set!” So we left to the old dog pen but it was to stinky so we went to a nearby tree. we got apples of the ground for food and then put them in a dip in the tree but not soon after, the others were attacking with jump ropes. When we got loose we ran to the stable and hid there for a minute then we checked to see if they were coming and we saw Macy hiding behind the door so we ran behind a tree, then to the blueberry bush, behind Thunder, then we ran on the far side of the electric fence all the way to the top of the field. Then I climbed a tree trying to see if they were coming but I couldn’t see so we tried different trees until we found the Apricot tree. There was a beautiful apricot in the tree so I climbed the tree and got it down then all the sudden Daniel poured a bottle of water on me so I ran and lost a shoe because I was wet but I didn’t care I ran until they trapped me and Kelly. Daniel had to get my shoe and I still had the apricot I took it in the house washed it of then ate it, it was so delicious. Later we were told to get dressed but keep on your bathing suits and somehow every one new we were going swimming. But the pool also had a hot tub we all enjoyed the little trip but we had to get back to make hamburgers over the fire and smores. While we waited for the fire to settle down I took some pictures with Kelly’s camera. Finally the fire was ready and soon the hamburgers were ready after dinner we cleaned up and made smores. That night we also slept on the floor.

July 7 We woke up around 7:45 to take our stuff outside grandma and grampa were there around 8:00. I said good-bye to every one then Joanna gave me and Macy books I got a book called “Phantom Stallion” and Macy a book called “The Boxcar Children”. We left and went to eat at Jim and Cathay’s house for breakfast. It was very good it was Amish breakfast casserole.(they are not Amish) We rode for a long time I read and watched a movie. We got to the hotel about 6:30 so we went swimming for 30 minutes. When we went back to the room we took showers then went to eat at Bob Evens I ordered Strawberry-Banna crepes.

July 8 In the morning grandma went to exersise then we ate breakfast, packed then left. It felt like a short trip home and we fixed our problems 1. We had no car troubles 2. Macy didn’t have to use the restrooms as much 3. Joanna gave me a book to read and we bought a book on the way up. THE END

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Why        Trees get taller never get smaller,

       I always wonder why

I wonder why people cry and are not cheerie

I wonder why cherries are bright red,

I wonder why we have a bed to sleep in every night,

I wonder why some places are packed so tight

I wonder when my wonders will stop,but they might not,

Do you still wonder?