Filed Under (stories) by ivy on April-19-2008

I shall call Monster 187 Midnight.
Midnight is as big as a hill, he sleeps all through the day just so he looks like shadow covered hill. One day MIdnight had a rough night so he was drooling. Some tourist came by and thought Midnight’s open mouth was a cave and his drool was a tiny river. The tourist went inside the “cave” to find it was much more like a cavern, the floor was wet, it was dark, and there was one BIG stalagtite. The stalagtite was soo big the tourist couldn’t get through, so they started beating it, and I don’t want to say what happens next. Lets put it this way, the tourist went home to wash themselves off,and MIdnight moved into a so called “deserted forest”, which turned out to be the way to Monster City. So at least one of them lived happily ever after.

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